The purpose of this shakedown is to make sure the Scouts have the items listed below to make their Summer Camp experience a great one.

Please check this DO NOT BRING List before you pack:
Sheath knives - Fireworks - Cell phones - Rifles or pistols - Bows or arrows - Butane lighters - Skateboards - Coolers or ice chests
Mountain bikes (unless in Mountain biking High Adventure)
Candles and candle lanterns
Keep the munchies (i.e. junk food) to a minimum.

Items below are for travel only. Do not bring to the campsite!
Radios/CD or mp3 players - Electronic games

Gear to pack
_ Backpack or duffel (will need carry approx. 1/2 mile to campsite)
_ Sleeping bag (plan on low 40’s at night)

_ Scout uniform shirt (wear at dinner each night and for travel)
_ Troop Neckerchief
_ Scout pants or shorts (optional)
_ Long pants (2 pair)
_ Shirts (enough for 6 days)
_ Rain jacket or poncho (really)
_ Tennis shoes (no flip-flops)
_ Hiking boots
_ Light Jacket
_ Sweat pants (optional but nice in the evenings around camp)
_ Shorts (2 - 3 pair if you want to wear them everyday)
_ Socks (enough for 6 days, include a pair Scout socks if wearing Scout shorts)
_ Underwear (enough for 6 days. Please don’t try to set a record for least changes per week!)
_ Swimming suit (pack at the top for the Sunday swim check along with your towel)

_ Towel (pack at the top of your pack for the Sunday swim check)
_ Soap, shampoo, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant
_ Sunscreen (take it and use it!)
_ Insect repellent

_ Personal medications if any (please bring a duplicate set to be kept with the Scoutmaster staff.)
_ Scout Handbook
_ Water bottle
_ Day pack
_ Pencils and notebook (a clip board is handy also)
_ Pocketknife (no sheath knives)
_ Backpacking cord (50 feet)
_ Sunglasses (eyeglass cord if rafting)
_ Healthy Munchies (Be reasonable, limited amount)
_ Flashlight/headlamp (no candles or flames in tents)
_ Extra Batteries (alkaline)
_ Hat (baseball style for sun protection)
_ Merit badge books for the badges that you are taking at camp
_ Watch
_ Camp chair (collapsible)
_ Compass (if you are doing orienteering merit badge)
_ Eating utensils (Cup, bowl, plate, spoon, knife, and fork w/ name on it.)
_ Camp physical (should be turned in before you leave) ß GIVE TO MR. SUZANNE BEFORE YOU LEAVE!
_ Work gloves (for SOAR project, Emergency Preparedness MB lowering, belaying, etc.)
_ Spending money (there is a popshop and trading post. Shotgun shooting merit badges costs

_ Stamps and envelopes
_ Camera and film
_ Pillow
_ Fishing Equipment
_ Glasses strap if rafting, canoeing or rowing
_ Calling card if you want to use the pay phone

Climbing/COPE High Adventure
_ comfortable, loose fitting clothes
_ bandanna if doing COPE

Mountain Biking High Adventure
_ Bike Helmet _ Mountain Bike (optional)

Caving High Adventure _ old clothes, long pants, long sleeved shirt

Please wear your uniform shirt and neckerchief on Sunday when we travel to summer camp. We will also wear them at dinner each night.

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