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 Here are a couple maps to illustrate the concept: Here are a couple maps to illustrate the concept:
 +===== Episcopal Church of the Redeemer =====
 +<​googlemap type="​map"​ lat="​30.238537"​ lon="​-81.552461"​ zoom="​14"​ width="​600px"​ height="​400px">​
 +30.238637,​-81.553261,​Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
 ===== I. M. Sulzbacher Center ===== ===== I. M. Sulzbacher Center =====
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 +===== Camp Shands =====
 +<​googlemap type="​map"​ lat="​29.660108"​ lon="​-81.988724"​ zoom="​14"​ width="​600px"​ height="​400px">​
 +29.660108,​-81.988724,​Camp Shands
 ===== Camp Echockotee ===== ===== Camp Echockotee =====
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