2010 Jamboree Activities

Daily activities will offer fun, challenge, an opportunity for religious resections, citizenship, and the international brotherhood of being with Scouts from other countries of the world. Patrol and individual competitive events will be carried out on a troop and subcamp level.

New methods of practicing and demonstrating skills will be an important part of the jamboree. The skills will include archery, orienteering, challenge trails, marksmanship, boating, canoeing, hunter safety, as well as updated versions of the disabilities awareness trail, competitive events, merit badge midway, and the Technology Quest.

Technology Quest (formerly Arts and Sciences) is a dynamic set of interactive hands-on activities highlighting the Arts and Sciences. The mission of Technology Quest is to excite and motivate youth to acquire the skill sets needed for life and careers in the 21st Century. We will challenge their imaginations and allow them to explore a wide variety of new experiences with the help of our Partners. Our expanding list of Partners includes National Geographic, NASA, LEGO, AT&T, Rockwell Collins, FutureQuest, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, DeVry University, the Automation Foundation, and more. Technology Quest will equip our youth with a vision of the future, and the knowledge that they can play whatever role they choose in shaping that future.


Visiting the jamboree Parent & Visitor Information
The jamboree will be open to visitors every day beginning Wednesday, July 28, and continuing through Tuesday, August 3. Visitor hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the following exceptions:

  • Wednesday, July 28: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 31: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (to allow for arena show attendance only)

There are no accommodations on site for visitors, including RV, tentage, or fixed housing. Upon entering the jamboree site, guests will be directed to the public information tent in the main parking lot. Here, they will receive directions to regions, subcamps, or activity areas.

Directions to Fort A.P. Hill
Fort A.P. Hill is close to Fredericksburg, Virginia. There will be additional traffic signs and message boards directing visitors to the jamboree site.

Food and Souvenirs
Three trading posts and a restaurant provide food, sundries, and souvenirs for visitors as well as participants.

All information is subject to change, please check back frequently for updates.

Order of the Arrow - Staff Openings

Check here for more details!
Order of the Arrow Presents:
The Mysterium Compass At Jamboree 2010, the National Order of the Arrow Committee will present the Mysterium Compass. Staff recruitment for The Mysterium Compass is now underway. We will need people of all skill levels for our team. We like to think of everyone as being a “cast” member, because everyone plays a critical role in our ability to be successful. How do we determine success? By delivering a fantastic and fun message to Scouts.

We will need youth and adult members of the OA on our staff of over three hundred. Actors, “game” managers, ticketing and public relations, theatre technical crew like tv/video, sound and light technicians; stage managers; special effects operators; scenic crew; and more.

Youth staff is now age 16 to 25 (low fee!) Jamboree staff positions are open to Scouts and adults who meet required qualifications. Adult staff members must have been born before July 26, 1984. Youth staff members must have been born between July 26, 1984 and July 26, 1994. All must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.

OA Shows - Mysterium Compass What is the Mysterium Compass? An exciting new adventure will launch at the next National Scout Jamboree. The Order of the Arrow will produce an 'augmented reality' game for all scouts called THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS. It will be a live-action adventure combining elements of video gaming with theme-park style immersion, actors, and theatrical settings.

Why? Because life is a mystery: a puzzle full of difficult choices. And THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS provides directions for life. Can you keep your wits - and your values - about you while trying to out-do the competition? Will you choose self or others in facing the challenges of life? We'll help you explore the questions, “What do I know? What do I believe? What do I need to help me find my way?”

THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS will be both absorbing and interactive with loads of stimulating fun and crazy stunts that test your cool under pressure and powers of observation while racing from one station to the next. It blends life-lessons with improvisational actors, theatrical props and special effects. The 2010 Jamboree will be infused with a “heightened reality” of intrigue, mystery and adventure.

Find your way to THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS…where being lost was never more fun!

Order of the Arrow Service Corps
Since 1950 the Order of the Arrow Service Corps has provided the example for how Arrowmen should act and cheerfully serve others. The Service Corps' seeks to provide servant leadership through cheerful service to the program areas of the Jamboree.

We seek is to create an environment conducive to servant leadership, cheerful service and a memorable experience while facilitating the needs of the 2010 National Jamboree. We live out our obligation, daily. The OA Service Corps represents what the OA stands for, we represent servant leadership. The 2010 National Scout Jamboree is our time to show the nation that we are fulfilling our obligation, we are putting into practice its meaning.

The OA Service Corps is about representing the OA and having fun. All arrowmen will work together, with no titles, no awards, and no regrets. This experience will be one that you will never forget. Join our team and you will make friends to keep for the rest of you life. If you want have to best time of you life while wearing a sash at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree, then come join the OA Service Corps. Revised: 8/5/2009

OA Indian Village
The OA Indian Village wants you!

If you can dance, have dance outfits, make crafts, know Indian history, we want you as a part of our staff

Features of the Jamboree Indian Village include:

Village vignettes: Our village will be filled with American Indian village areas representing several tribes from across North America which depict life for these tribes. American Indian Craft zone: Craft area where some of the most capable crafters in the OA will be on hand to help Jamboree participants learn particular crafts (sewing, beadwork, quillwork, fingerweaving, singing and the like) Indian Lore Merit Badge: Jamboree participants will be able to work on the Indian Lore Merit Badge nestled in the OA Indian Village against the backdrop of American Indian villages. The instructors of Indian Lore merit badge will use the resources provided by their brothers among the various Indian villages to create a fantastic delivery of the merit badge requirements. The Indian Lore Merit Badge will be located in the Indian Village. Daily flag ceremony: The Indian Village staff will raise flags in the Indian tradition each day. Daily dance vignettes: Some of the best Indian dancers and singers in the OA will travel throughout the Jamboree area to “show their stuff” and provide dance and singing demonstrations for the Jamboree participants. And, of course: Having FUN!

So, if this sounds like YOUR thing @ the 2010 Jamboree, sign up today to join our Indian Village staff!

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