Merit Badge Counselors

Below is the current Troop 27 Merit Badge Counselor list as of 9/27/09. For any questions, Tim Buchanan is the Adult Leader in charge of Merit Badge processes.


This is the River Bend District's Merit Badge Counselor list current thru June 1, 2009.


NOTE Scouts are not permitted to meet one on one with a Merit Badge Counselor - all of the Counselor's are aware of this. At a minimum, a second Scout needs to be present. In a Troop meeting environment, meeting one on one in a corner of the room is allowed - visible to the rest of the room. When a Scout calls upon a Counselor for a badge he is interested in individually (as oppossed to a Troop group setting such as Swimming), it is best if the Scout convinces a friend to also work on that badge simultaneously - so that they both can attend meetings with that Counselor. If that second Scout is not practical and the Scout still desires to work on the badge, then the Counselor will have a second person present should he (or she) and the Scout need to meet.

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