Basic Information

The latest Trail Conditions as reported from hikers, members, trail volunteers, and land management partners, including: Trail Closures and Reroutes (permanent and temporary) Official Notices to Hikers from our Section Leaders (NTH) Alerts shared regards weather, floods, wildfire, and more Information on closures and openings of trail services

Check this section before you take a hike on the Florida Trail!

  • Florida Hiking Trails marked in blue are gentle strolls on nature trails. Green signifies the opportunity to take a longer hike, of up to 10 miles in a day. Trails marked red are best for an overnight backpacking experience.
  • North Florida Trailblazers Established as the Cornelian Hiking Club in 1981 in honor of Cornelia Burge, one of the Florida Trail’s most memorable volunteers, the North Florida Trailblazers took on their new name in 1987. Our chapter, which maintains the Florida Trail in the northeasternmost part of the state, has a very active core group and our members participate at both the local and state level.

The North Florida Trailblazers Chapter maintains the Florida Trail between the Olustee trailhead in the Osceola National Forest and along the Suwannee River into White Springs.

We also maintain the Florida Trail from the Etoniah trailhead on Holloway Road through Goldhead State Park, Camp Blanding and the Keystone Airpark to CR 100 in Keystone Heights.

Grab and Go

Popular hikes with all the basic details for you to get out on the Florida Trail and enjoy them.

  • Little Big Econ - One of the loveliest sections of trail in Central Florida, the Florida Trail through Little Big Econ State Forest plays peek-a-boo with the Econlockhatchee River. This hike covers the segment between the Barr Street and Snow Hill Road Trailheads, and is located between Oviedo and Chuluota, east of Orlando.
  • Juniper Prairie Wilderness - Enjoy the wildest section of the Ocala National Forest by walking through the Juniper Prairie Wilderness on the Florida Trail. The footpath leads you through the heart of the Big Scrub, with its prairies and ponds and shady oak hammocks. The trail is located north of SR 40 at Juniper Springs.
  • Juniper Creek - Explore one of the Panhandle's most beautiful places along the Juniper Creek Trail segment of the Florida Trail within Blackwater River State Forest. The trail is located between Milton and Crestview north of US 90, accessed via Blackwater River State Park.
  • Hickory Hammock - Explore one of the most beautiful sections of the Florida Trail with this Grab and Go Hike of the Hickory Hammock section along the Kissimmee River. The trail is located between Sebring and Okeechobee off US 98.
  • Green Swamp - Wander the wilds of the Green Swamp with this Grab and Go Hike of Green Swamp West between CR 471 and River Road. The trail is located between Lakeland and Dade City north and east of US 98.
  • Etoniah Creek - Take a short walk through a shady forest with this Grab and Go Hike of the Holloway Road to Iron Bridge section of the Florida Trail within Etoniah Creek State Forest. The trail is located between Palatka and Keystone Heights north of SR 100.

Florida State Parks

joined the Florida Trail Association’s effort to certify all portions of the 1,400-mile Florida Trail route as National Scenic Trail by signing a certification agreement (setting standards for trail construction, maintenance, and access) on June 4, 2005 as part of our National Trails Day celebration. The agreement now brings the Florida Trail in nine Florida State Parks into the National Trails System.

The Florida Trail in Florida State Parks includes linear portions of the 1,400-mile Florida Trail in:

In the 1970s and 1980s, Florida Trail Association volunteers were instrumental in building significant hiking trails in many of our Florida State Parks. To this day, local Florida Trail chapters work with their nearby state parks to build and maintain trails. The following state park hiking trails are officially part of the Florida Trail System.

The Florida Trail

is a proud partner in the National Trails System, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2008. The U.S. Congress included the Florida Trail in a feasibility study for inclusion in the National Trails System, and in 1983, accorded the Florida Trail this special designation as one of only eight National Scenic Trails in the United States:

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