Georgia Waterfall Trails

Georgia County Map. Each of these trails has one or more waterfalls, or there is a waterfall nearby.

  • Amicalola Falls East Ridge Trail - Steady, strenuous climb to the top of Amicalola Falls.
  • Amicalola Falls Trail - Steep, staired descent along the face of the waterfall to the reflecting pond, with a return to the visitors center along the Base of Falls Trail
  • Amicalola Falls West Ridge - Explore the western ridge of Amicalola Falls, then join the Falls Trail at the lower bridge
  • Anna Ruby Falls Trail - Anna Ruby Falls is a rare double falls. The falls are especially awesome after a shower.
  • Bartram Trail - Climbs to the top of Rabun Bald, descends into Warwoman Dell, then parallels, but does not run next to, the Chattooga River to SR28
  • Becky Branch Falls - Combines a portion of the Bartram Trail with the Becky Branch Falls trail to form a short loop to the Falls
  • Benton MacKaye, Sec. II - Remote hike into the Chattahoochee National Forest
  • Big Rock Nature Trail - Fun hike at Fort Mountain State Park that takes hikers to Gold Mine Creek Falls
  • Broad River Trail - Meanders alongside the middle branch of the Broad River.
  • Cohutta Panther Creek Trail - Climbs to the Cohutta's Panter Creek Falls
  • Denton Branch Trail - Quick in and out to Denton Branch Falls in a remote area of Towns County.
  • Desoto Falls Trail - Great hike alongside Frogtown Creek to the middle falls. Lower falls are near the trailhead.
  • Dick's Creek Falls - Walk alongside Dick's Creek to the Chattooga River and Dicks Creek Falls.
  • Dukes Creek Falls Trail - On the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway, the trail follows a series of switchbacks to beautiful Dukes Creek Falls
  • Emery Creek Trail - From North Georgia's Cohutta Loop, this trail drops hundreds of feet to Emery Creek.
  • Falls Branch Falls - Follows a section of the Benton MacKaye Trail to a side trail leading to Falls Branch Falls.
  • Glen Falls - Fairly level walk to a high mountain falls on Lookout Mountain
  • Helton Creek Falls - Brief hike through a cool mountain cove to two waterfalls, both of which are on Helton Creek. An observation deck has recently been added in the area of the second falls.
  • Hemlock Falls Trail - Great hike alongside a gurgling stream to a pretty waterfall.
  • Horse Trough Falls Trail - This brief leg-stretch is marked by the first bridge across the Chattahoochee River
  • Keown Falls Trail - Loop hike to the high-mountain Keown Falls.
  • Long Creek Falls - Follows the Appalachian Trail to the blue blazed Long Creek Falls side trail.
  • Minnehaha Falls - Short hike to 60 foot falls
  • Oxbo Trail - Explores the north end of the oxbow in Vickery (Big) Creek, then climbs Hog Waller Creek to a historic Roswell park
  • Panther Creek Trail - Challenging point-to-point hike past smaller falls, cascades and Panther Creek Falls.
  • Raven Cliff Falls Trail - Trail follows Dodd Creek to Raven Cliff Falls. Multiple falls and cascades make this an enjoyable hike.
  • Southern Terminus Approach Trail - Access path to the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail on Springer Mountain.
  • Sweetwater Blue - Takes an inland route to the ruins of the cotton mill, then takes a second inland route to Sweetwater Creek Falls
  • Tallulah Gorge Loop Trail - Exciting hike into the 600 ft deep gorge. Kayaking and in-gorge hiking are allowed with permit
  • Tumbling Waters Trail - Follows Carters Lake to a bridge across Tails Creek.
  • Wolfden Loop - This loop hike includes the Pine Mountain Trail between mile marker 18 and 23 and the Beaver Dam Trail
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