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  • “Let me shred the cheese” by macipeterson (2014/07/30 05:01)
    Tom Swiftie: “Let me shred the cheese,” Tom said gratefully.
  • Eagle Scout Project Honors Fallen Veteran, Olympian by Aaron Derr (2014/07/29 13:00)


    Tim Klotz's Eagle Scout project was a memorial dedicated to a local resident who fought in Vietnam and competed in the Olympics.
  • An anonymous pizza by macipeterson (2014/07/29 05:01)
    Nathan: What do you call an anonymous pizza? Joe: Beats me. Nathan: “John Dough!”
  • Outdoor Cooking by ednalemons (2014/07/29 05:01)
  • Scooby Doo game review by Boys' Life (2014/07/28 18:57)
    scooby-200x148Scooby-Doo is a lovable, legendary character. But there's hasn't been a game featuring the awesome dog in nearly four years. But in Scooby Doo & Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe: Adventure, he's back and guided by the stories of many of the Looney Tunes superstars.
  • Scout Overcomes Disabilities To Earn Eagle by Aaron Derr (2014/07/28 13:00)
    GBGarrett Becker, from Waukesha, Wisconsin, overcame cerebral palsy, epilepsy and blindness to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • Prevent chafing on the trail by Boys' Life (2014/07/28 05:02)
    boxers-200x148My troop just went on a weekend camp-out. After we climbed this big hill, I started chafing in my groin area. It itched so bad, it was really uncomfortable. My friends were making fun of me because I was adjusting my underwear all weekend. How do I prevent chafing?
  • “Man’s Best Friend” by macipeterson (2014/07/28 05:01)
    A book never written: “Man’s Best Friend” by Kay Nine.
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