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  • Get to know the Signs, Signals and Codes merit badge by Aaron Derr (2015/02/27 08:00)
    SSCBelieve it or not, there were ways to communicate before Facebook and text messages. The brand-new Signs, Signals and Codes merit badge covers most of them.
  • Where to learn about spiders by macipeterson (2015/02/27 00:01)
    John: Where do you go to learn more about spiders? Chris: Where? John: Their website!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Quiz by keithfaber (2015/02/26 17:13)
  • Signs, Signals and Codes by Boys' Life (2015/02/26 14:32)
    signs-200x148The Signs, Signals and Codes merit badge covers a number of the nonverbal ways we communicate: emergency signaling, Morse code, American Sign Language, braille, trail signs, sports officiating hand signals, traffic signs, secret codes and more.
  • DIY Wooden Blinds by keithfaber (2015/02/26 14:04)
    wooden-blinds-promo-148x200Step-by-step instructions to build DIY wooden blinds that look great.
  • Boy Scout, father save family from fire by Aaron Derr (2015/02/26 08:00)
    Marshallicks“I (saw) some smoke and I said that's not good,” Jared told the local paper. Have no fear; the Boy Scouts are here.
  • Why the football coach went to the bank by macipeterson (2015/02/26 00:01)
    Justin: Why did the football coach go to the bank? Allen: Why? Justin: To get his quarterback!
  • Wilderness survival: Get out there and do it by Aaron Derr (2015/02/25 08:00)
    WildernessSurvivalWhen it comes to surviving in the wild, there's only so much you can learn from books and the classroom.
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