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  • Laugh at 25 funny Olympic jokes by Boys' Life (2016/07/27 17:34)
    Let the Olympic groans begin! Here are 25 funny Olympic jokes sent in by Boys’ Life readers that deserve a gold medal in humor.
  • When the mummy goes to the library by macipeterson (2016/07/26 01:01)
    Danny: What happens to the mummy when he goes to the library? Timmy: What? Danny: He gets all wrapped up in a good book!
  • Cot or bedroll? by Boys' Life (2016/07/22 12:30)
    Q. On camp-outs I see some boys with cots and others with bedrolls. Which should I use?
  • A fish without an eye by macipeterson (2016/07/22 01:01)
    Tom: What do you call a fish without an eye? John: What? Tom: A fsh!
  • Keep food from getting soggy in a cooler by Boys' Life (2016/07/21 15:01)
    Q. When the ice melts in my cooler, it gets everything all wet and soggy. What can I do to avoid this?
  • A baker’s favorite drink by macipeterson (2016/07/21 01:01)
    Nicki: What’s a baker’s favorite drink? Ted: I don’t know. Nicki: Baking soda!
  • How to clean a sticky knife by Boys' Life (2016/07/20 14:01)
    knife-200x148Q. Whenever I go camping I always cut oranges with my knife. But then my knife sticks and is hard to get open. What is the best way to de-stick my knife?
  • What the baby corn said by macipeterson (2016/07/20 01:01)
    Jack: What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Lilly: I don’t know. Jack: “Where is my popcorn?”
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