Boys Life News

  • “Astronomy” by macipeterson (2014/08/31 05:01)
    A book never written: “Astronomy” by Seymour Stars.
  • Behind The Scenes Of Scouts In Action by Aaron Derr (2014/08/30 15:00)
    BTSOSIAGo behind the scenes of one of the most popular sections in Boys' Life: Scouts in Action.
  • Smoke signals by macipeterson (2014/08/30 05:01)
    John: Hey, look over there. What is that? George: They’re smoke signals! John: What do they say? George: “Help … my … blanket … is … on … fire.”
  • How to build a bird feeder by Boys' Life (2014/08/29 18:35)
    birdhouse-200x148Step-by-step guide to building a bird feeder to help keep wintering and migrating birds well fed.
  • Where Does Boys’ Life Get Ideas For Scout Stories? by Aaron Derr (2014/08/29 13:00)
    ScoutOutingBoys' Life wants to hear from you! Tell us about your unit's upcoming outing plans and you might see yourself in our magazine.
  • What the baby light bulb said by macipeterson (2014/08/29 05:01)
    Electrician: What did the baby light bulb say to its mom? Customer: I haven’t a clue. Electrician: “I love you watts and watts!”
  • Clash of Clans by Boys' Life (2014/08/27 15:51)
    clans-200x148How do I get Jewels without buying them?
  • Eagle Project Idea: Repairing A Hiking Trail by Aaron Derr (2014/08/27 13:00)
    GordonAndBrowA couple of Maryland Boy Scouts used their Eagle projects to restore a local hiking trail.
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