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  • Tiger’s Backyard Bounce by Boys' Life (2014/10/01 15:27)
    backyardbounce-promoHow far can Tiger bounce, fly and roll? Help him in Tiger's Backyard Bounce.
  • It Was A Busy Summer For These Cycling Eagle Scouts by Aaron Derr (2014/10/01 11:00)
    ESCAAIn between finishing out the school year last spring and starting another one this fall, the Eagle Scouts of Troop 165 in Fredericksburg, Va., had a busy summer. As in, cycling-3,800-miles-across-the-country busy.
  • Bear hunting by macipeterson (2014/10/01 03:27)
    Chris: I thought you were going bear hunting. Matt: I was, but I only made it as far as the highway. Chris: What happened? Matt: Well, I saw a road sign that said “Bear Left,” so I came home.
  • Tomodachi Life by Boys' Life (2014/10/01 01:05)
    tomodachi-200x148When you enter your collection in the Town Hall, there's an area called "special foods." I haven't encountered ANY special foods, so how do I find them?
  • The Lego Movie Videogame by Boys' Life (2014/10/01 01:01)
    lego-200x148In level 1, how do I make it past the part after drilling? It just surrounds the screen between two black things and I can't play.
  • Nice Catch! Scout Celebrates Eagle With 335-Pound Fish by Aaron Derr (2014/09/30 10:00)
    JacksonHobbsJackson Hobbs was vacationing in Alaska to celebrate earning his Eagle Scout when he won a $10,000 fishing competition.
  • “I love hitting piñatas” by macipeterson (2014/09/30 03:26)
    Tom Swiftie: “I love hitting piñatas,” Tom said bashfully.
  • 25 funny Halloween jokes by Boys' Life (2014/09/30 01:01)
    Happy Halloween! Here are 25 funny and spooky Halloween jokes by Boys' Life readers.
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