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  • Disney Infinity by keithfaber (2014/10/22 15:34)
    In the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set, I’m having trouble with the final ship battle against Davy Jones and the Kraken. Do you have any tips to help me finish? Games Guru: “Starboard side, Captain!” Is it the Kraken or the Flying Dutchman that’s bothering you? I bet it’s the Kraken. Keep an ear out […]
  • Civilization V by keithfaber (2014/10/22 12:17)
    When I was playing as the Bismarck German Empire, Siam declared war on me and had rocket artillery, bombers and modern armor. How do I defend? They already captured three of my cities! Help! Games Guru: With any Civilization battle, there’s a lot of strategy involved. Look up Siam on this walkthrough to help you figure it […]
  • When an owl gets laryngitis by macipeterson (2014/10/22 01:01)
    John: What happens when an owl gets laryngitis? Justin: I haven’t a clue. John: He doesn’t give a hoot.
  • High Adventure by ednalemons (2014/10/21 12:41)
  • Eagle Scout Survives Venture Into Shark Tank by Aaron Derr (2014/10/21 10:00)
    NoahCahoonNoah Cahoon, a 14-year-old Eagle Scout from American Fork, Utah, was recently a guest on the ABC show Shark Tank, where ambitious entrepreneurs pitch ideas to some hungry — and sometimes unpleasant — businessmen. And he did just fine.
  • 35 funny Halloween jokes by Boys' Life (2014/10/21 01:01)
    Happy Halloween! Here are 35 funny and spooky Halloween jokes by Boys' Life readers.
  • Soda’s favorite school subject by macipeterson (2014/10/21 01:01)
    Dan: What is a soda’s favorite school subject? Ryan: I haven’t a clue. Dan: Fizz ed.
  • SOL Origin Survival Kit: Worth the Price? by keithfaber (2014/10/20 13:13)
    SOL Origin Survival KitI bought the SOL Origin Survival Kit, but my friends told me this was a rip-off. Do you think it was worth it?
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