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  • “A Green River Underground” by macipeterson (2014/04/20 05:01)
    A book never written: “A Green River Underground” by Sue Age.
  • What happened in 1492? by macipeterson (2014/04/19 05:01)
    Teacher: Bobby, what major event happened in 1492? Bobby: I don’t know — I wasn’t alive back then!
  • 18 legs and catches flies. by macipeterson (2014/04/18 05:01)
    Steve: What has 18 legs and catches flies? John: A baseball team!
  • Summer Fun Photo Contest by Boys' Life (2014/04/17 20:14)
    200x148_sshotsEnter the Boys' Life 2014 Summer Fun Photo Contest. Take photos of anything from your summer -- people places, Scout outings or camp, whatever.
  • Hiking Mount St. Helens with Troop 413 by Boys' Life (2014/04/17 20:00)
    Hiking Mount St. HelensLush forests, barren lands and plenty of nerve-wracking climbs made for a memorable hike on the most famous volcano in the United States.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Chicken. by macipeterson (2014/04/17 05:01)
    Lucas: Knock, knock. Henry: Who’s there? Lucas: Chicken. Henry: Chicken, who? Lucas: Just chicken to see who’s in there!
  • Sick martial-artist bear from China. by macipeterson (2014/04/16 05:01)
    Gavin: What do you call a sick martial-artist bear from China? Kevin: Beats me. Gavin: “Kung-flu panda!”
  • How to set up a tent by Boys' Life (2014/04/15 19:58)
    tent-200x148Before leaving for your trip, be sure you're comfortable setting up -- and taking down -- your tent. That means reading the instruction booklet and getting plenty of practice. Here are a few tips for when you're ready to pitch your tent.
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