Boys Life News

  • A pig’s favorite city by macipeterson (2016/05/28 01:01)
    Som: What’s a pig’s favorite city? Tom: I have no clue. Som: New Pork City!
  • When a door is not a door by macipeterson (2016/05/27 01:01)
    Robert: When is a door not a door? Brendon: When? Robert: When it’s ajar!
  • How to make 4 cool gifts for Father’s Day by Boys' Life (2016/05/26 12:04)
    Father's Day is coming up. Dad will be a happy guy with one of these cool gifts.
  • A snowman and a vampire by macipeterson (2016/05/26 01:01)
    Alex: What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? Clark: I don’t know. What? Alex: Frostbite!
  • “Working Out” by macipeterson (2016/05/25 01:01)
    A book never written: “Working Out” by Jim Nasium.
  • Five great games for Memorial Day by Boys' Life (2016/05/24 15:15)
    If you're traveling for the big weekend (or even if you're not), you'll love these five great phone and tablet games.
  • Four men that don’t like to sing by macipeterson (2016/05/24 03:19)
    Carter: What rock group has four men that don’t like to sing? Cade: Tell me. Carter: Mount Rushmore!
  • DIY Gifts for Father’s Day by keithfaber (2016/05/23 15:09)
    Dad will love these homemade gifts.
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