Boys Life News

  • “Allergies” by macipeterson (2015/04/25 01:01)
    A book never written: “Allergies” by Hank R. Chief.
  • Service project idea: removing invasive plants by Aaron Derr (2015/04/24 15:00)
    BrianWongBrian Wong, a Scout from Troop 282 in Martinez, California, recently organized a giant weed-pulling project to combat a plant called Italian thistle, which was colonizing large areas near his community.
  • Restaurant on the moon by macipeterson (2015/04/24 01:01)
    Rushabh: Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon? Tommy: No. Rushabh: Great food, but no atmosphere.
  • Build a Scout Law ladder by Boys' Life (2015/04/23 14:41)
    This folding Scout Law ladder can be displayed at meetings, outings or any other Scouting events.
  • Plan a photo scavenger hunt by Boys' Life (2015/04/23 01:01)
    Use a digital camera or camera phone to create a trail of photo clues for your friends to find.
  • “Campfire Cooking” by macipeterson (2015/04/23 01:01)
    A book never written: “Campfire Cooking” by M. Burr.
  • Eagle Scout project idea: Clean up a creek! by Aaron Derr (2015/04/22 19:19)
    ParkerNasmanFor his Eagle project, this Florida Boy Scout is aiming to clean up a local waterway that has become so clogged with fallen trees and other debris that it's difficult for canoeists to paddle through.
  • Inside the May 2015 issue by Boys' Life (2015/04/22 16:34)
    A look at what you'll find inside the May 2015 issue of Boys' Life magazine.
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