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  • Cheese that isn’t yours by macipeterson (2015/05/23 06:28)
    Mayolita: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Greg: What? Mayolita: “Nacho cheese!”
  • How to buy a backpack by stoogie416 (2015/05/22 01:01)
    What size do I need? How much should I pay? Internal or external? The Gear Guy has answers to help you pick the perfect pack.
  • Why the skeleton didn’t join the Army by macipeterson (2015/05/21 01:01)
    Dan: Why didn’t the skeleton join the Army? Brian: I don’t know. Dan: He didn’t have the guts!
  • Canyoneering with Arizona’s Troop 818 by Boys' Life (2015/05/20 16:22)
    Justin Smith was looking down —  a long way down. Over the previous two days, Justin, 15, and five other members of Troop 818 from Scottsdale, Arizona, had climbed, rappelled, squeezed, scrambled, waded and swum their way through three of Zion National Park’s famed twisty-turny canyons. Finally, they were at the last test: a 100-foot free rappel to the canyon floor — just the right kind of challenge for Justin. “I’m scared of heights, so my favorite part was getting outside of my comfort zone,” he says. Fellow Scout Miguel Mariscal, 16, remembers the moment well: “Like, you’re backing up, and then all of a sudden you look down and you see …” “Air!” 13-year-old Ralph Mersiowsky shouts. “Yeah, just air,” Miguel says, “and you know there’s nowhere to put your feet, and the bottom just seems so far away. But then you start going down, and it’s an amazing feeling.” The Right Stuff Canyoneering involves many Scout skills, including hiking, climbing, swimming, orienteering, planning, rope work, first aid, problem solving and even a little meteorology. To prepare for the trip, the guys did practice hikes and went rappelling and climbing at local camps. And they did their homework. They [...]
  • 6 best Lego videogame villains of all time by Boys' Life (2015/05/20 12:12)
    Just in time for Lego Jurassic World, here are BL's favorite Lego baddies.
  • Keep food from getting soggy in a cooler by Boys' Life (2015/05/20 01:01)
    Q. When the ice melts in my cooler, it gets everything all wet and soggy. What can I do to avoid this?
  • Where celebrities like to go camping by macipeterson (2015/05/20 01:01)
    Max: Where do celebrities like to go camping? Miles: Where? Max: Holly-woods!
  • Sun protection buying guide by Boys' Life (2015/05/19 11:15)
    sun-200x148Be prepared for those broiling summer days with these handy tips and hot gear.
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