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  • When the student scraped his knee by macipeterson (2016/08/26 01:37)
    Nathan: When did the student scrape his knee? Jim: I don’t know. Nathan: On a class trip!
  • 9 of the Least Visited National Parks by keithfaber (2016/08/25 12:16)
    On August 25, 2016, America’s National Park Service turns 100. Over the years, it has grown from just a dozen parks to hundreds of natural and historic sites. The number of visitors has also grown — to more than 300 million in 2015. You can avoid the crowds. Try Kobuk Valley National Park in Alaska, for instance. It’s north of the Arctic Circle, and there’s no road to the park. If that sounds too extreme, here are more of the least-visited national parks. Related: How many National Parks have you visited? Check ’em off this list! Isle Royale Location: Houghton, Michigan This park is a group of islands in Lake Superior, so getting here can be a little tricky (by boat or seaplane), but it’s perfect for water sports: canoeing, kayaking, swimming or even scuba diving. Also check out the lighthouse and see the gigantic lens in its museum. Fun fact: The park consists of 450 little islands surrounding a large island. North Cascades Location: Marblemount, Washington Why visit: It’s all about the waterfalls — big ones and small ones, along with hundreds of lakes. The jagged mountain peaks might look scary, but there are trails for hikers of every skill level. Fun fact: You can hike and camp with horses, llamas, mules or [...]
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Bound, One Of This Summer’s Best New Games by keithfaber (2016/08/24 10:38)
    It’s not huge like Madden or Mario. But here's why this gorgeous PS4 game is worth playing.
  • What one hat said to the other by macipeterson (2016/08/23 01:01)
    Zayne: What did one hat say to the other? Kai: Tell me. Zayne: “You stay here, and I’ll go on ahead.”
  • “Party Games” by macipeterson (2016/08/22 01:48)
    A book never written: “Party Games” by Bob Frapples.
  • Make a Twig Picture frame by keithfaber (2016/08/22 01:02)
    You can build this picture frame with materials found around the house or yard.
  • Why the cupcake went to the doctor by macipeterson (2016/08/21 01:01)
    Peter: Why did the cupcake go to the doctor? Elaine: Why? Peter: It had frostbite!
  • When the inventor discovered a stinky perfume by macipeterson (2016/08/20 01:01)
    Isaac: What did the inventor say when he discovered a stinky perfume? Gabriel: What? Isaac: “You-reek-a!”
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