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  • The Wimpy Kid’s Guide to Outdoor Survival by Boys' Life (2017/06/27 12:47)
    Greg Heffley convinced us to share his tips on camping in the great outdoors.
  • Can You Identify This Animal Poop? by Boys' Life (2017/06/26 15:21)
    Droppings can tell you which animals have been in the area. Can you identify the scat in these photos?
  • How to Prevent Smelly Gear by Boys' Life (2017/06/26 12:24)
    I'm going to the 2017 National Jamboree. What is the best way to prevent my gear from getting smelly as I use it?
  • How to Grow Your Own Crystals by Boys' Life (2017/06/22 14:40)
    It might seem like magic, but all you're doing is collecting salt crystals from evaporated salt water. (It's still cool!)
  • The 7 Most Promising Games of E3 2017 by Clay Swartz (2017/06/20 12:49)
    Amid the wall-to-wall crowds at this year's gaming convention, I found seven exciting games that show serious promise.
  • Best Tent for a Good Price? by Boys' Life (2017/06/20 10:33)
    What's the best tent I can buy for a good price?
  • Inside the July 2017 issue by Boys' Life (2017/06/19 17:48)
    A look at what you'll find inside the July 2017 issue of Boys' Life magazine.
  • Why Arms Is the Most Pulse-Pounding Nintendo Game of the Year by Clay Swartz (2017/06/09 13:11)
    You’ve probably heard a lot about Arms over the past few weeks, but the game is finally here. And it’s great. Here’s why. Arms Is a Fighting Game, But Much More, Too Nintendo’s Switch is a surprise hit — and that’s not due to its portability. It’s also because of the games. Arms is simply terrific. It can be played solo, but its greatness lies in competition with your friends. It about strategy, and quick strategy at that. And the robotic characters with slinky, reticulated arms each seem to have their own unique personalities, as you’ll see below. Screams of Sheer Delight I knew I loved Arms. But I was playing solo. So I took my Switch and Arms to a Bronx high school where I mentor about writing and videogames. There, we pitted students against teachers. Yes, there was some boastful play. And yes, the kids beat the teachers. But the screams and shouts of joy were what made Arms a great bonding experience. Arms is the kind of game that can break down barriers and bring people closer together. The kids even came up with their own slogans for characters. The Sweet Gameplay You might win by mashing [...]
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