Eight Methods of Scouting:

IDEALS - The ideals of Scouting are spelled out in the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan. The Scout measures himself against these ideals and continually tries to improve.
PATROLS - The Patrol Method gives Scouts an experience in group living and participating citizenship.
OUTDOORS - It is in the outdoors that Scouts share responsibilities and learn to live with each other. It is here that the skills and activities practiced at Troop Meetings come alive with purpose.
ADVANCEMENT - Scouting provides a series of surmountable obstacles and steps to overcome with appropriate recognition and advancement.
ADULT ASSOCIATION - Boys learn from the examples set by their adult leaders.
PERSONAL GROWTH - As Scouts plan their activities and progress toward their goals, they experience personal growth. Boys grow as they participate in community service projects and do Good Turns to others.
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Boy Scouting encourages boys to learn and practice leadership skills.
UNIFORM - The uniform makes the Scout Troop visible as a force for good and creates a positive youth image in the community. Wearing the uniform shows a Scout's commitment to the aims and purposes of Scouting.

We also use the Troop Program Features Vol. I - III help us achieve these goals.

Volume I covers the following program features:
Aquatics - Athletics - Backpacking - Boating/Canoeing - Business - Camping - Citizenship - Communications - Cooking - Cultural Awareness - Emergency Preparedness - Engineering

Volume II covers the following program features:
Environment - First Aid - Fishing - Forestry - Health Care - High Adventure - Hiking Special - Hobbies Sports - Leadership - Mechanics - Nature - Orienteering

Volume III covers the following program features:
Physical Fitness - Pioneering - Public Service - Safety - Science - Shooting - Cooking - Tracking - Wilderness Survival - Wildlife Management - Winter Camping

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