2 night, 2 day hike on the Florida Trail November 19 to 21, 2010

  • Mr. Freyer is the Adult organizer. Contact him to confirm attendence, make payment, driving plans, menus, permission slips, etc.
  • Meet at Wendy's parking lot Baymeadows and 9A 5:30pm Friday. Scouts should already have eaten - so we should be on the road by 5:45.
  • Camp at Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park in Fort White Friday. Hike the florida trail Saturday - carrying all food and gear. Stop and camp Saturday night. Get up Sunday, hike several more miles to pick up point, and return home late Sunday evening.
  • This event is not for everyone. Total hiking between 15 and 18 miles over 2 days. Boys will carry 20 to 40 pounds on their back. Scoutmasters will review individuals to determine if they have the skills necessary.
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